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Best UK online casinos have a very interesting history. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet today. What’s the very first idea that comes to your mind when you talk about online entertainment? For some, it is certainly the options offered on new UK online casinos. It must be said that internet betting establishments have grown in popularity over the years and have captured the hearts of countless players. Indeed, specialized sites such as offer several opportunities, whether it’s to earn money or have fun from the comfort of your home. After a stressful day, it is not so bad to relax in front of a game of slot machine, poker, online live roulette or others, and at the same time try to boost your income. What would be interesting to know, is how online casinos have managed to achieve such notoriety and why more and more punters prefer them to physical establishments.

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Best UK online casino – Origins

Before what was the start of an adventure that would gradually take over the world, gambling enthusiasts had to visit physical establishments to try their luck on their favourite top casino games. Some of the oldest land-based casinos are over 300 years of service! They provided bettors with areas of several entertainment options that allowed them to have incredible moments which in the best case resulted in very big real money rewards. The arrival of the Internet in the early 90s was the starting point for the exodus of games of chance to sites anchored on the web. Before betting on online platforms could really start to operate in 1996, preparatory work was carried out in 1994 on the island of Antigua and Barbuda where the first provisions were adopted to authorize online betting activities. Note also that the very first online gaming software was designed in 1994 by the company Microgaming.

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After the first steps of internet casinos, the sequence of events was very rapid. Many people feared this new revolution, but it was clear that punters adopted it faster than expected. Already in 1998, the first online video poker room was created with the possibility of trying your luck around many tables. For lovers of this entertainment option, it is a great relief and the opportunity to experience even more interesting sessions without having to leave the comfort of their home.

2011, we are already talking about the very first big jackpot won at an online casino. This is quite new, and many did not believe it as virtual games do not offer as much guarantee of reliability as land-based casino games. The sum won, 11.2 million euros awarded to a happy Norwegian student. It was one of the most significant turning points for online betting sites. After this stage, the rush was more and more obvious. Many improvements, like tell us, have come into play, including the emergence of bitcoin casinos games making online entertainment more and more accessible.

Are online casino games legal?

One of the important aspects of the evolution of casinos that you should not fail to take into account is the related legality. Indeed, after the decentralization of this form of entertainment to websites, the law intervened in order to fight against money laundering and the many systems of fraud and scams that can pass through this channel. One of the most common ways that criminal have to lure users is to offer incredible casino bonuses that can never be cashed for several reasons; you can find more information about these promotions at from Antigua and Barbuda being the very first jurisdiction to be favourable to online betting, internet gaming sites had to be accredited by the government of Kanhawahe, Curaçao or Malta in order to be recognized as reliable for users. Many countries have yet to fully embrace internet gaming, but if the platforms have excellent accreditation (take the example of, you can easily log in and play as you see fit.

Improvement of the games offered

One of the highlights of the evolution of online betting activities is the improvement of the games offered. Indeed, what has favoured the rush towards internet betting sites is not only the best online casino offers but also the great variety of game titles available. Software developers have multiplied over time, allowing the range of games available on the internet to be much more substantial and attractive than that which you may be entitled to by going to a land establishment. Slot machines and card games are undoubtedly the most popular among players. At you will be able to find more about the most famous casino games that you can encounter online.

Slot machines

We quickly went from one-armed bandits that had to be operated with a stick to classic slot machines and then to totally futuristic games. In the early days of online betting sites, what was offered were games very similar to one-armed bandits, with the only difference being that the spins were started via on-screen control keys and that you had the opportunity of winning a free spin bonus in every game. Then, as with innovations in the world of entrepreneurship, these entertainment options have spun with the advent of video slots, 3D slots, iSlots and more. Today you can play on 5, 6 or even 7 reel games; on 20 payline titles, with thousands of ways to win without leaving your house with the help of phone casino games. To make choosing easier, we recommend you to visit for more information about the latest releases.

Table and Card Games

Card and table games have also seen many improvements especially in terms of the number of variants available. Better still, with the no account casinos already available and virtual reality games gradually making their entrance, these entertainment options offer bettors even more possibilities to experience totally fun sessions!

Online Casino VS Land Casino

For many, the future of land-based casinos seems compromised with the meteoric evolution of internet betting sites. What it really is that in both cases there are advantages that keep punters hooked, and disadvantages that they would like to be without. Already, let’s say that virtual casinos are much more accessible than land-based sites. From your living room, your office, you can connect and play. Better, with the advent of pay by phone casinos, anywhere and at any time of the day, you can access your favourite entertainment options. Plus you can enjoy incredible promotions like the no deposit casino bonus, which are nonexistent in land-based establishments.

With land-based casinos, bettors have the opportunity to enjoy all the excitement and euphoria of poker rooms and gaming areas. Better still, some sites even offer side events (shows, dinners, and other live spectacles) to attract new players.

At present, more than 85 countries in the world have already opted for the legalization of online betting activity. It must be said that this is already a big step towards the depopulation of land-based casinos. The proof is that there are more than 35 billion dollars in bets, and all this for a population of punters estimated at over 30% of the world population, which makes sites such as and essential to choose the best UK online casinos.

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