Online casino safety

Experience tells us that there are indispensable and objective parameters to define an operator as the “best UK online casino“. There are four criteria, to each of which we will try to dedicate a paragraph to better understand them. An operator who aspires to be at the top must-have all four of them to the highest possible degree, precisely to try to meet the main needs of as many users as possible.

Online casino safety – Bomb-proof security

This could only be the first point on our list. We have already mentioned this factor previously, but it is good to underline it in great detail: take into consideration only and exclusively casinos approved by the British Gambling Commission and make sure that this information is well reported on the homepage, as well as the services used by the operator with regard to IT security, company information and collaborations with responsible gaming bodies. In short, everything can guarantee security in terms of legality and clarity: in addition to the indication of the presence of SSL encryption, you can view the collaborations with secure IT service providers such as Comodo, DigiCert and GoDaddy.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

We are ordinary consumers and, as such, we can have a preferred method of payment, depending on our habits or the attention we give to certain issues, such as the protection of our privacy, or the cost of the service. In this regard, it must be said that there are very popular payment methods even in the best online casinos: credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers and in some cases even Bitcoin casinos. The quantity of payment methods offered is undoubtedly an indicator of the quality of the operator’s security.

Not just quantity, however: verification of the deposit and withdrawal times may be necessary, taking into account that, on average, deposits take place within 72 hours and withdrawals within three working days. Even the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are a good indicator of the quality of our online casino and the compatibility of our favourite method with the best online casino offers UK.

Check the RNG and RTP

Another of the evaluation factors of British online casinos is the analysis and control of RNG and RTP systems. In fact, it is often said that if a game does not reward users enough, then that software or that operator is fraudulent: the meticulous control of these two parameters will relieve us of this kind of doubt.

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is a piece of software that certifies, through a complex algorithm, that there are no scams by the operators and that assigns the right randomness to each bet. The correct functioning of this numerical generator is therefore absolutely essential and must be monitored by independent agencies such as eCOGRA.

The RTP (Return To Player) represents the percentage that is redistributed to users starting from the total bets made; in a nutshell, the higher this number, the more money the operator gives to its users. This is a strictly controlled parameter by the testing agencies that we talked about earlier.

Excellent customer service

Unfortunately, during our gaming experience at one of the secure online casinos, we may need to contact customer service: they could be problems of rather simple management (like a game that we cannot access), but also of more questions. streaks, such as blocking the game account or a bonus that we are not allowed to use.

It is essential that the methods of contact are various: we may find ourselves better talking by telephone, or have the propensity to write in detail our every misunderstanding. A serious operator is the one who offers us many possibilities also with regard to assistance: live chat, contact form, telephone number active on very flexible hours and so on.