Poker strategy tips

Nobody is born a professional poker player and mistakes are made all the time. But if you have the opportunity to avoid such mistakes or improve your gaming behaviour by learning and poker tips and tricks in the best online casinos, you should go for it.

As a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules, but also with various poker variants, in order to determine your own favourites. So you play poker with even more joy and commitment.

Recognizing bad starting hands is one of the things that comes from experience. For this, you have to take part in a round with not so good cards. But if you know that the starting hand is not at all promising, it would be better to fold, i.e. end the game.

Poker strategy tips for Texas Hold’em

Playing tight is a style of game with promising starting hands. For Texas Hold’em, the variant most often used in tournaments, these are some of the most promising hands:


Of course, the height of the couple is also decisive here. You either win with a good pair (2x aces, kings or queens), or you get an additional card from the board (the 5 open community cards in Hold’em) which only works once out of 9 attempts. With low pairs, the risk is greater and this starting hand is assessed very differently, although the trend usually does not support playing. Since bluffing is only possible in the live casino when playing online, this option is also not available with machines.

2 high cards

Such a starting hand can be played but is not considered particularly good. If they are consecutive like queen and king you should play, it is not recommended if they are apart.

High-low starting hand

The decision here depends on whether there are many or few players at the start. The fewer players, the more weight the high card with which you call gets. Constellations like King / Jack to 9 or Queen / 10 to 9 are mediocre chances, while King / 8 to 2 or Jack / 9 to 2 should be discarded.

Suited Connectors

This designation stands for two consecutive cards of the same suit such as Jack Hearts and 10 Hearts, or 8 and 7 Clubs. The constellation is seductive, but one should keep in mind that a flush with 5 of the same suits is not easy to achieve, while 1 or 2 pairs are possible, but not the ultimate goal. With high cards like ace and queen hearts, it is worth trying. With suited connectors, the goal is to look at the flop with little effort and then possibly clear away. If the flop doesn’t bring you a good position, you can still give up without much loss.

General tips

In general, playing poker in no account casinos requires a lot of patience. The most common beginner mistake is wanting to take every chance so as not to miss a big pot. This usually results in a wrong assessment of the starting hand. Statistics say that there are 167 starting hands, of which only 20% are considered to be playable.

If you get bored because you can only play a few hands, you should make good use of this skip time to observe the other players and their behaviour in order to learn from them. The position of the player at the table is often decisive in certain situations. It is a mistake to completely neglect them in your online poker strategy. You can already see that the way to a good game of poker cannot be covered in an hour. In any case, you should be patient and see the errors mentioned above and many others that can also appear as a lesson. The saying “Practice makes perfect” could well come from a poker player.